Our production possibilities for individual special containers are almost unlimited.

RoggeTec Mader GmbH has extensive experience in various industrial sectors.

Vessels for the chemical industry

The chemical industry needs high-quality stainless steel containers in many areas. Pressure tanks, vacuum vessels and mixing vessels as well as simple storage tanks are used here.

Vessels for the cosmetics industry

In the cosmetics industry, systems with different requirements are required. Storage container for high-quality oils, agitator containers for mixing and kneading, process containers for temperature control or batch tank.

RoggeTec Mader GmbH builds systems that meet these requirements.

Vessels for the pharmaceutical industry

Stainless steel containers for the pharmaceutical industry demand the highest quality. We meet the quality and safety requirements for pharmaceutical containers and plants.

Vessels for the food industry

Stainless steel containers and systems are required for various process applications. In the food industry, high quality standards prevail, which can only be controlled with perfectly adapted production containers.

We produce all kinds of tanks and apparatus: tanks, agitators, stainless steel tanks for production processes up to the storage tank.