Chemical Industry

We produce high quality stainless steel containers for the chemical industry. Z as Pressure tanks, vacuum tanks and mixing vessels, but also storage tanks up to 15,000 liters volume production.

The requirements for safety, quality and reliability are high, because heat and pressure loads often vary widely, and the container must withstand exposure to highly aggressive media.

During the construction of reactors for the chemical industry a high degree of experience is required. Any chemical reaction that will take place later in the container, has different requirements for sizing and processing. We grant you the safety and efficiency of reactors.

The integration of the devices into the filling and emptying system require expertise and decades of experience. We know the requirements for the chemical industry and can therefore implement the necessary criteria: integration of heating or cooling coils (eg steam heating via a welded on the outer jacket half-coil), mixers, and mixing equipment, and the surface finish are planned and implemented individually.

Your Security: We are a specialist company to WHG § 19 and put pressure vessels according HPO ago.