Production Process and Technology

The cutting is done with a Plasmacut L-TEC and a company outsourced waterjet cutting system. To use the other band, strap saws and hydraulic shears and Hanseatic sheet and hand shears come.

Forming (bending, folding, rolling)
The transformation is effected by means of 3 pcs three-roll bending machine (diameter up to 4000 mm over a length of 2500), the inner diameter (smallest to roll forming d) vary on a plate 2mm larger than 2mm and 40mm d 85mm d

A hydraulic and Handabkantbank, with press and screw press. In addition to a tube rolling machine, a beading machine from Trumpf for nibbling. (For mild steel up to 6mm EWD and stainless steels up to 2mm) beads of various sizes up to 2.5 mm, settling to 2.5 mm to 2 mm beading, gills to 3 mm slits to 1 mm or 3 mm mild steel, piling up 4mm.

Punching Muhr and Bender say the legendary Mubea with stamp up to 50mm d

Mechanical machining (turning, drilling, milling, filing, grinding)
Various Lathes, stands and bench drills and belt sanders.

Advanced welding systems Lorch, where argon or helium are used in high purity. The spot welding machine PECO ensures consistent quality with quantity of small and large series.

A seam welding machine for thin sheet metals PECO to tightly white as small and large series.

A Maganlage of lime with cold wire feeder for welding of aluminum specifically for mold. (E.g. molds for the automotive industry)

We also weld with years of experience specializing alloyed nickel alloys, cast iron and aluminum plant materials, wear-resistant materials and hard alloys, cobalt, copper, aluminum, titanium and magnesium alloys,

Hard and Weichlotverfahren.

Surface treatment
Use are inter alia Grinding container (up to 1400 mm diameter and 3000 mm in length). The surface treatment comprises the grinding of floors of all shapes and agitators, the polishing of surfaces (mirror polish) and electropolishing.

Clamping and mounting devices
Use of rotary and
Tilting, welding rotators, Formiergaseinrichtungen different versions (eg pipe joint welding)
Span tables, surface plates.