We build agitators of all sizes for boilers up to 6000 l:
Stirring tank individually according to your specifications.

All impellers are made of 1.4404 for the highest quality (also available in copper). The shaft diameter can be determined individually. Standard is 8 and 10 mm. Lengths of 200 – 500 mm. Surfaces up to 0.4 my or electrochemically polished.

Propeller stirrer – for all speeds with 2, 3, 4 and 6 agitators.
Blade stirrer – medium speed and viscosity, 2 and 4 blades
Centrifugal stirrer – for vessels with a thin neck with 2 wings
Surface stirrer – in all sizes with different hole arrangements
Anchor stirrer – in all diameters with / without holes (with / without wall stripping)
We produce a wide range of agitators for the lowest speeds and with minimum air intake. We have developed specially for our laboratories in the field of pharmaceutical agitators for all viscous substances and solids.

Naturally, we supply your agitator tank complete with control and attachments. Our service includes consulting, design drawing, production, TÜV approval (we work with TÜV Nord) delivery and commissioning.

Stirring tank with magnetic stirrer
2000 liters with magnetic stirrer for up to 5 bar