Pressure Vessel

We manufacture small batches of pressure vessels made of stainless steel in almost any size, shape and material.

Eg double-walled water, steam, gas or air-cooled or heated with desired spigots, flanges, nipples, etc., for example, covering hoods, water jackets, pressure vessels, half-shells.

All our pressure vessels, steam boilers and pipelines are subject to our legal requirements:

The pressure equipment line
Annexes to the Directive
Current guidelines
Application standards for pressure equipment
HP 100 R EN 13480
Our responsibility

Requirements for placing on the market
Avoid foreseeable misuse
Implement technical requirements
Declaration of conformity
AD 2000

Scope of application
Calculation of the components
Welding and marking
DIN EN 13480-2

Requirements for materials and toughness
Harmonized product standards
Types of test certificates
Design examination

Design testing of pipelines and fittings
Calculation of piping parts
Requirements for materials for valves
Evaluation of the results
Manufacturer’s requirements

Welding quality requirements
Procedure qualification
Work tests, test methods
Employee training
You can be sure: We have a certificate of participation from the TÜV NORD Academy and the safety passport of the TÜV NORD Academy

Fittings and safety valves

Tests, test methods and acceptance criteria
Complementary requirements
Safety devices against overpressures
Other safety devices
Functional behavior

Stainless steel containers for industry